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 History of Photography

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PostSubject: History of Photography   Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:52 pm

In 1826 the first permanent image was created by a french inventor names Joesph Nicephore Niepce, by using a camera obdcura to burn a permanent image of his estate. Alhazen , a great authority on optics in the Middle Ages who lived around 1000AD, invented the first pinhole camera,} and was able to explain why the images were upside down. Fellow Frenchman, Louis Daguerre was also experimenting to find a way to capture an image, but it would take him another dozen years before Daguerre was able to reduce exposure time to less than 30 minutes and keep the image from disappearing afterwards. In 1851, Frederick Scoff Archer, an English sculptor, invented the wet plate negative. Using a viscous solution of collodion, he coated glass with light-sensitive silver salts. Because it was glass and not paper, this wet plate created a more stable and detailed negative. In 1889, George Eastman invented film with a base that was flexible, unbreakable, and could be rolled. Emulsions coated on a cellulose nitrate film base, such as Eastman's, made the mass-produced box camera a reality.
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History of Photography
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