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 The science behind photography

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PostSubject: The science behind photography   Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:54 pm

The Science behind photography has alot to do with the law of reciprocity is the relationship between light and light exposure on the film.
Lenses is there to reduce factors as spherical aberrations, coma, and chromatic aberrations and give a clear photo.
Motion blur is the most important aspect in photographing. Because when a camera moves you get a blurry picture.
you can reduce it by limiting shutter speed or using a steady tripod.

Aberrations are caused when a photo looks blurry and disorted. Spherical aberration is caused by an increase in light rays refraction. Chromatic aberrations are caused when the lens of the camera have a reflective index that is different for different light wavelengths. Both can be reduced by lens

Developer D-76 professional developer [base] 1 hydro quinone [base[ 2. bi (4 hydroxy-n- methyl anillium) sulfate, waylene glycol waterter

Stop bath kodak professional stopbath acetic acid- vinegar (acid) water

Fixer kodak solution a: contain amonium sulfite sodium bisulfate ammonium thiosulfate sodium acetate water boric acid. solution b: hardener, sulfuric acid aluminum sulfate water

Permawash by heice Hg 85 [soap] 40degrees celcius. removes any silver ssulfite complexes. 1. amonium sulfite 2. sodium sulfite

Photo-flo kodak laminator protection p-tert octyl phenoty polyutrotetny alcohol propylene glycol water
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The science behind photography
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