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 Film developing information

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PostSubject: Film developing information   Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:55 pm

First step is to wash away the silver halide crystals. It is made of a diethanolamine-sulfur dioxide complex, hydroquinone, sodium bisulfite, and potassium bromide mixed with water. in the stop bath you have to change the ph level to neutralize the chemical reaction, it is a form of acetic acid mixed with water. Then u wash off all the chemicals with water. During the fixer you remove the unexposed silver halide and leave behind the developed, exposed silver halide. Fixer consists of a salt of sodium thiosulfate mixed with water. The process of fixing ensures that the image on the negative is no longer sensitive to light. Then you finish off with a final water bath in which the film is rinsed.

Developer D-76 professional developer [base] 1 hydro quinone [base[ 2. bi (4 hydroxy-n- methyl anillium) sulfate, waylene glycol waterter

Stop bath kodak professional stopbath acetic acid- vinegar (acid) water
Fixer kodak solution a: contain amonium sulfite sodium bisulfate ammonium thiosulfate sodium acetate water boric acid. solution b: hardener, sulfuric acid aluminum sulfate water

Permawash by heice Hg 85 [soap] 40degrees celcius. removes any silver ssulfite complexes. 1. amonium sulfite 2. sodium sulfite

Photo-flo kodak laminator protection p-tert octyl phenoty polyutrotetny alcohol propylene glycol water

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Film developing information
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